Tuesday weigh in 14 March 

Hooray! Minus a pound, taking my total loss to 8lbs.

I have missed the last two weigh ins  because of work and social commitments and I confess that I have  strayed off plan more than once…two weekends away, bread, chips, chinese take out and several glasses (bottles) of wine have been consumed! I have *tried* to make better choices in between the lapses and consumed plenty of speedy fruit and veg. 

So a loss this week which is encouraging. I have also started a new job so plenty of nervous energy burning calories. I have to take (a healthy) lunch to eat and I only get half an hour so less time to snack. No snack van calling by to tempt me- if I want a packet of crisps I have to walk down to the shop and back. Unfortunately this route passes the chip shop and the smell is heavenly. Give me strength!!! 

I feel great right now; very positive and determined to succeed. Go me!!

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Tuesday weigh in

Minus 1.5 earns me my half stone sticker. A pretty good week – the odd lapse from plan but overall i am pleased. I am a little worried that next week I am working away with three lovely meals (and wine) each day. My plan is to avoid bread, embrace the salad bar at lunchtime and try to ignore the afternoon biscuits and lattes. It’s going to involve long, tiring days and that afternoon boost is always welcome.  A bunch of bananas should do the trick!

Dinner tonight was cooked by daughter Helen. Pesto chicken with SWfries and crunchy salsa. Delicious and syn FREE. Pardon the blurry photo I was too hungry to take it again! 

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Tuesday weigh in. 

Forgot to do this the past three weeks, but very little movement to report.

Maintained. Lost half a pound. Two pounds lost tonight so it’s creeping off. If I try hard this week I could win my half stone sticker…

I have committed to a 12 week countdown and looking forward to trying some recipes from the new free and easy cookbook.

For valentine’s day supper we have a syn free lamb hotpot with pearl barley and vegetables with a side of speedy steamed cabbage and cauliflower. No chocolate or creamy puddings ( we did that at the weekend).

Here’s to a happy healthy eating week!

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Nothing new for a year: shopping trip

I have a week long business event coming up at the end of Feb- and my working wardrobe is way more casual than smart. Since I have pledged to buy no brand new clothes this year, I decided to hit up the local charity shops in Banbury town centre.

With my dreams of a capsule wordrobe in mind, I was hoping for some trousers and a jacket that would complement my existing clothes. I wear a lot of navy (more flattering than black) and prefer strong colours to pastels.

Several hours later, I am delighted with my haul. I sniffed out some real bargains and spent about £20.

The Alex & Co jacket was just £8 from Scope and looks brand new. It is fully lined and has a slight stretch to the fabric which makes it very easy to wear and hopefully doesn’t crease too much. It’s maybe a bit ‘mother of the bride’ but useful to throw on to smarten up a dress or some trousers. If you are working at an event, its good to stand out in a bright colour so people can see you.  I don’t think this brand still exists, but prices used to be similar to Planet.  Also, I have some shoes that will go with this.

The unstructured jacket is a light jersey ansd very drapey. The brand is Cotswold Collection, which I looked up when I got home. A similar item is currently retailing at £69. I paid £3. It is unworn and goes very well with the Linea navy trousers. Linea is the house brand for House of Fraser, so I expect they would have cost upwards of £40 new, maybe more. Again, they look immaculate. Oh yeah – £4.25, Cancer Research shop. Again, I have (more than one pair of) shoes to go with this ensemble.

The tweedy jacket is also from Cotswold Collection. The current site is offering a similar jacket for £189. I paid just £1.99 at the Katherine House Hospice shop. I plan to put some new buttons on. It’s light enough to wear indoors, but will take me through to spring as an outdoor jacket over a sweater or long sleeved t shirt. Also for £1.99 I picked up a pair of Pikolinos boots-lovely soft leather and I know these retail for £80-£100. I took a chance on the boots for two quid- if they are comfy I will polish them up and get them re-heeled. If not, I will re-donate them.

I also found two cookery books ( a Nigel Slater and a slimming world summer), a sewing pattern for some unisex pajamas, a shirt for Martin and a tablecloth. Sweet!

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Tuesday weigh in

Gained a pound. Bugger. 

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A change of tactic

The ‘post every day for a year’ barely got started before it was over. Not even a fortnight!

“Why?”  I asked myself this as I sat at the computer at 11.45pm, fighting sleep, desperately trying to think of something to say. Why am I doing this? Why isn’t this fun?

Having bailed out and thought about it at the weekend, I concluded that:

  • The daily categories, rather than make it easier, actually made it harder.
  • The daily deadline, added to my other self-imposed pressures ( lose weight; find a job; write a panto; buy nothing new;  etc), made me feel stressed and anxious.
  • Using my free time in the evenings to write the blog took me away from writing my panto. That makes me sad and also anxious. (DEADLINE LOOMING).
  • Also, the quality of the posts was patchy, and I’d rather do nothing than do a half-assed job.

Solution? Let’s try once a week and see how that goes.




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12/365 Thrifty tips for Thursday

This week I have been looking for inspiration on the internet. I found a great site called frugal.org.uk – link here.

The site has some really practical suggestions for frugal living, eating and holidays, including reader’s tips. I particularly liked the frugal weight loss tips and will be trying some of them over the next few months.



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11/365 Wednesday= Wardrobe

  • Around 30% of clothing hasn’t been worn in over a year
  • Cost of this unused clothing is around £30billion
  • Extending clothing life by just 3 months can reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 10%


A report published by WRAP titled Valuing our clothes’ is a summary of the key findings of a major technical report and consumer behaviour survey, which identifies potential economic and environmental business in the clothing sector.

Inspired by a good friend of mine who announced her intention to buy no new clothes for a year, I am also going to give this a try. Rather than buy brand new, I will look for second hand clothing in charity shops and car boot sales, clothes swaps or local on line sites.

The exception to this rule will be underwear. Also, I have stated that one of my goals is to make some clothes for myself this year, so I may have to buy some fabric new, although I will try and find some remnants from the usual second hand sources.

Luckily there are lots of people out there who have blazed a trail for buying nothing new and websites dedicated to promoting ways to make the best use of the clothes you already have, how to prolong thier life and how to dispose of them. I really like Love Your Clothes which has lots of tips and videos and links to events around the UK.

So, Wednesday wardrobe will track my progress and how I cope with buying nothing new. I have already unsubscribed from all the stores who have emailed with SALE offers this week. Oh the temptation…




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10/365 Tuesday = weekly weigh in

 A welcome 4lb loss for week one. I have been about 75% on plan I reckon; a few extra syns at the weekend hopefully counteracted with some walking. 

My goal for this week is to lose 3lb to reach my first half stone. I remember how well I felt a year ago and nearly 2 stone lighter and I want that feeling again. Bring it on…


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9/365 Monday = make

I have decided the theme for Monday will be ‘make’. Unfortunately today I am only making excuses!

I’ve been out this evening and run out of time…for now I will just share a new source of fabulous items for upcycling. If you are in the Northants area take a trip to the Furniture Barn in Brackley. A great selection of furniture and accessories at affordable prices. I bought a mirror this weekend which I am planning to adorn…pictures next week….






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