CAMP diary – not strictly dancing

The Lynden Players present their 2017 pantomime: CAMP – set in the early 1970s. The story takes place at Sandy Shores holiday camp, a family business struggling to survive.

 It’s a standing joke amongst some Lynden Players that we “don’t do dancing”… We perform movements to music: step together step close; a box step; even a grapevine. There are exceptions of course and some of our spring shows have had ‘proper’ choreography. 

 Whatever we want to call it, we have had a lot of fun at the last two weeks working on some of the musical numbers in CAMP.  Our opening number features our villain and a large chorus. Here’s a clue, it is a well known 70s anthem. The bad guy is a jewel thief nicknamed ‘the lockbuster’. Any idea?

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