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280/365 Today I…fulfilled a girlhood dream

Today I have made a young girl’s dream come true… in 1977 an impressionable teenager saw The Boomtown Rats led by a skinny, long-haired, dangerously exciting young Bob Geldof and fell in love. My dad hated him for his long … Continue reading

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30/365 Today I…

Today I…was reminiscing about the 1970s with my friend Eve- triggered by the film we were studying this week – Boogie Nights.  Although our 70s experiences were far from the violent, hedonistic, cocaine fuelled, porn-fest of that movie, we did get … Continue reading

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Showing my age

Last Friday the old feller and meself went to see one of our favourite tribute bands- Limehouse Lizzy,   a fantastic group who are very proud to keep alive the music of Thin Lizzy  and Phil Lynott. The venue was … Continue reading

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