6/365 Friday= food

Almost at the end of the first week of my 2017 365 challenge.
The theme for Friday will be ‘food’. Food plays a BIG part in my life. Cooking for my friends and family has always been an expression of love. It can make me nostalgic- for example, every time I make chicken soup it makes me think of my mum. ‘Weymouth’ pudding (aka panettone and butter pudding) reminds me of my dad and cooking with my sister during the fairytale family Christmas we spent in Weymouth.

Friday food will cover meal planning and recipes- old favourites and some new recipes from the many cookbooks I love to collect.

Tonight I am meal planning for the week ahead, with SW in mind, and also trying to use up food from the storecupboard and the freezer.

Breakfast: overnight oats for me, prepared in advance- I have a big box of frozen raspberries from Costco that I dip into every day. A splash of skimmed milk from my HExA, a fat free yoghurt and porridge oats as my HExB. To ring the changes,  add blueberries, mango, grated apple, pear, banana, grapes or strawberries. Cold, raw, porridge-so much better than it sounds!

Lunch: weekday lunches are generally home-made soup or a portion of leftover stew from the freezer. No bread *sob*

Snacks: I try to have lots of fruit on my desk in case I need a boost.

Saturday: lean lamb steaks, sweet potato mash, green beans, butternut squash and a glass of wine ( it’s the weekend!)

Sunday: Roast beef, roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots ( cooked in frylight), cabbage, cauliflower, gravy but no yorkshire puddings. Not this week.

Monday: Chicken tikka and mango biryani- recipe in this month’s SW magazine, baked lentils and rice topped with chicken, cauliflower, spinach and mango. Not tried this before, so I am keen to see how it tastes.

Tuesday: Butternut squash stuffed with moroccan lamb and couscous, accompanied by a minty yoghurt dip- also from this month’s SW magazine. Something different, just what you need to keep you on track. It’s also weigh-in night for me, so I can look forward to this when I get home from group.

Wednesday: Meatballs made from Heck chicken italia sausages- (only 0.5syn each) with spaghetti and a tomato and vegetable sauce (chopped tomatoes, courgette, peppers, onions, garlic and any stray vegetables lurking in the fridge).

Thursday: Chicken and prawn jambalaya- smokey paprika rice with peppers, chicken and king prawns.

I will report back next week. Happy eating 🙂



About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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