4/365 Wednesday= What I wore this week

Today is day 4 of the 2017 365 challenge.
I have challenged myself to post something every day for 2017.  Each day will have a broad theme to give me some structure and allow me to cover more of the things I am interested in. The theme for Wednesday will be ‘what I wore this week’ and is designed to capture my progress towards the holy grail of the capsule wardrobe.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has been on my ‘to do’ list for some time. In the past, as a ‘larger’ size woman with a limited budget,  I would often buy something  just because it fitted me, especially if it was on sale. Going forward, I am determined that anything I buy has to fit with what I already own.

I sold/donated a huge chunk of my wardrobe last year when I successfully lost some weight, and bought very little to replace it, planning to eventually build up a new wardrobe of smaller sized items that would harmonise effortlessly and bring co-ordinated joy and serenity and admiring glances. It’s good to dream…

Back to reality, I have gained several pounds which is restricting my choice of outfits to the baggy, stretchy and forgiving items. My last temp job before Christmas had a casual dress code so I lived in jeans, long tops and cardigans and the occasional jersey dress. My current role is a little more formal at times and involves regular meetings, with an four-day business event to attend at the end of next month. I am desperate to get back into some of my ‘smart’ dresses and a pair of trousers I have never worn.

I am going to post a record of some of my outfits on a Wednesday to see what works and how I can mix/match.
Another of my ‘wardrobe Wednesday’ goals is to wear all of my shoes- some of the more fabulous pairs never leave the wardrobe, and that’s just not right! To start me off, here is pair number one: what I am wearing right now- not a fashion statement, not exactly fabulous, but super comfy slippers!






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