3/365 Tuesday = Moment of Truth

I have challenged myself to post something every day for 2017. Each day will have a broad theme to give me some structure and allow me to cover more of the things I am interested in. 

Welcome to day 3 of my 2017 365 challenge.
The theme for Tuesday will be ‘moment of truth’. A tad melodramatic to be sure, but Tuesday will be SW weigh in day and I always hear an internal “dah-dah- daaaahhh” when the scales register. There is a promise of exultation at every kilo lost or crushing disappointment when it’s a gain. Having to do the ‘i was just happy to be nominated’ brave smile.

It’s been nine months since my last weigh in; at the end of March 2016 I had shed almost two stone and was feeling pretty good. Fast forward to tonight and the scales accuse me of gaining 20lbs. 

Tomorrow I am back on plan.


About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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