SW diary 3 April


I had a bloody good Easter weekend away in our caravan and spending time with family and managed to gain 3.5lbs. Mainly pink fizz ( pictured) but there was also fish and chips by the sea, bread and butter pudding (made with panettone and lashings of double cream), cheese, crisps and, of course, chocolate. A miracle it wasn’t half a stone, really.

Back on track now with only a couple of minor wobbles since weigh in. I have planned the week ahead and will attempt 5 days of SP. The usual favourites on the menu including, chicken and squash tagine and campfire stew. Mashed swede instead of potatoes. Maximum vegetables on the side. Lots of salad  and fruit for lunch with cooked turkey,  tinned mackerel or hard boiled eggs and lean bacon for protein. No bread ( sob).  Overnight oats for brekkie using HEx A milk and HEx B oats. I sneak in a yoghurt although its not stricly SP. If I need snack I use Ryvita as my second HEx B.

Although the scales are not my friend this week, I have some recent non scale victories (NSVs) which are keeping my spirits up and my resolve constant. My diabetic check up this month showed my blood sugar is remaining under control in the ‘normal’ range, my cholesterol is lower and my bp is good. Yay! I should point out these tests were BEFORE the pink fizz, etc, etc.

Also, I bought a new pair of trousers today – hello, size 16. We’ve not seen each other for a few years!  Two sizes smaller than this time last year. Slimming World FTW…

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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1 Response to SW diary 3 April

  1. tswme says:

    Sounds like you are well back in control honey, which is awesome!! Go for it!!

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