SW diary: 16 Feb

In an effort to kick-start my weight loss- and in the wake of a weekend that included prosecco and a phenomenally good pizza (from this place)- I have decided to follow the Slimming World SP plan this week. I aim to stick to SP on weekdays, and maybe sneak in a spud at the weekend.
This means that I should be eating 50% speed foods (fruit and vegetables, BUT not all fruit and veg are ‘speed’ foods) and 50% protein (lean meat, fish, pulses) and avoiding pasta, rice, noodles, and potatoes. I can still have my healthy extra A (for me this is usually skimmed milk) and increase to two healthy extra B per day. There is a syn allowance of 5-15 per day as usual, but I am going to try to keep this down to a minimum.
I started yesterday (Monday) and weigh in is tonight so I am not expecting a miracle result this week- but hopefully a noticeable loss next week.

Last night I made a prawn stir fry with lots of courgette and cabbage and carrot plus the usual leeks, garlic, ginger and soy sauce. A handful of mangetout and a few odd bits of broccoli and asparagus left over from the weekend. While it was quite tasty, I missed the noodles…
Don’t all shout “courgetti” at me- I am learning to love courgettes, but very, very, slowly. I’m still at the ‘hiding them in the dish so you won’t notice them’ stage.
I found I was hungry later on so snacked on some lean sliced ham and melon and a pear.

This morning I prepared a version of campfire stew in the slow cooker.  Recipe courtesy of http://www.mrsshilts.co.uk  (click here) who writes a lovely family lifestyle blog with great SW ideas.  I have added diced carrot, celery and leek to the gammon, peppers and baked beans to ramp up the speed food ratio. Also a splash of water. I will be tucking in to a generous portion (after weigh-in) served with mashed swede and steamed greens.
If I am going to succeed with SP I need to find some appealing menu ideas. Any suggestions?
Have you tried SP? Did it work for you?

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3 Responses to SW diary: 16 Feb

  1. Shareen HD says:

    Hey hun. I have considered an SP week but I know at the moment I would only manage a few days at most. So now I just aim to have one SP meal a day. Or I will anyways LOL. I am a more fussy eater than you I think so trust me, any recipes I have I will share! x

  2. tswme says:

    Hey sweetie, I can’t for the life of me think about doing an entirely SP week, like Shareen, I tend to try and include one SP meal each day, with tonnes and tonnes of Speed Food. You can find some really interesting veggie carb alternatives these days, so you can stick to your normal recipes and just substitute out the carbs, I love Tesco’s Rainbow ‘couscous’, so colourful and nummy!

    Good luck!


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