SW diary 6 February

Lie in. Overnight oats with banana at 10am. No lunch.
Writing this post while preparing dinner.
Stir fry duck with cabbage and lots of speed veggies. Jasmine rice to accompany.
(Recipe adapted from SW Taste of Asia cookbook.)
Skinless duck breasts are sliced and marinated in soy sauce ginger and garlic ready to be stir fried with shallots, carrot, courgette, mangetout, cabbage, chilli and more ginger and soy sauce. Finish off with a flourish of coriander. Maybe a squeeze of lime?

At the same time I am cooking some chicken noodle soup for next week’s lunches. Lots of chopped carrot celery and leek simmering with skinless chicken thighs. I added a stock cube and some garlic and a handful of parsley. For the last 5 mins of cooking I will throw in some frozen peas and tiny pasta/noodles that I found in the world foods aisle at the supermarket . Possibly Polish. Perfect for soup. The chicken will be shredded or chopped. I have not made it this way before so fingers crossed!

Update: duck and stir fry was yummy. Definitely do that again.
Soup tastes great. Five portions stashed away in the fridge ready for work.

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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