SW diary 1 Feb 2016

Back on plan after some fabulous interruptions (panto, Christmas, holiday in Thailand) all deserving their own blog posts which failed to materialise. One day. Maybe.
These ‘interruptions’ resulted in a weight gain of 7lbs over 2 months which is, frankly, a lot better than I expected 🙂 Now, I am determined it has to go.
Anyway, here I am picking up the virtual pen again and I have missed it:  Although I haven’t been writing for the past few months, I have been reading. I have found lots of encouragement in reading posts from my fellow SW members around the country, sharing their success in losing pounds and gaining better health. I want -no, I need – to join in. Buying into the ‘group’ thing is such a big part of the SW story. I have friends and family who have led the way and are continuing to inspire and support me. Thank you.
Back to basics.
#1. Write everything down. Even that late night snack. Especially the late night snack.
As an extension of noting down what I’m eating in a food diary, I’m adding the odd blurry photo and scribbled recipe/ meal plan here as a reminder and a record.
As part of my back to basics I am making a real effort to
#2. Include plenty of speed food at every meal.
So: dinner tonight. More a happy accident than an actual recipe.

Chicken with noodles and mixed vegetables
Marinate sliced chicken (I used skinless boneless thighs, all visible fat removed) in soy sauce, 5 spice powder and crushed garlic.
Chop/ shred whatever free/speed veg you like or have lurking around in the bottom of the fridge. Today I used leek, carrot, courgette, baby corn, mangetout, cavolo nero, grated ginger.
Stir fry chicken in fry light until cooked through then remove from pan and keep warm while you cook the vegetables. Note: Add the cabbage/ leafy green stuff last.  Add more soy sauce, 2tbsp oyster sauce ( just found out you have to syn this – 1syn per tablespoon) and a splash of hot water  then add in a packet of noodles (we love these chunky ready cooked udon noodles) the cabbage, and the cooked chicken. Stir and cover for 1-2 minutes to steam the greens and heat the noodles.
This panful served 2 people, 1 syn per serving. Ideal for that end of the week dinner where you need to use up odd bits of veg. Swap the chicken for lean beef, pork or prawns.


About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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2 Responses to SW diary 1 Feb 2016

  1. kim says:

    You are a legend Kay ! I just love your determination and tenacity. But best of all , you are so darn funny ! Love you girl xxxxxx

  2. Glad to see you back on the blog! I’d be interested to hear if your recent travels have inspired you or changed anything in the kitchen?

    Keep at it, I get my best recipes from you! Love you!

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