My pantomime diary: 31 October

This week I fell in love with my panto all over again. We have had a rocky couple of weeks, mainly due to external pressures, but this week I have turned a corner.

The songs sound great, the fight sequence has been blocked and looks fantastic. The dancing is progressing well, considering we started so late. My choreographer and I were in the village hall until 11.30pm on Monday recreating the final scene from Dirty Dancing (minus the lift!). Crazy, but such fun.  I have started work on the programme. Everyone is working so hard to make this a success.

Today I have been making costumes for my dame, Flora Mopp. I have learned some new techniques (god bless youtube) and the frilly bits are wired with plastic strimmer wire which gives the ‘lettuce’ edging. You can use fishing line on lightweight fabric, but we had the other stuff in the shed so it was FREE. As you can see, my mantra is MORE IS MORE.

I have also almost completed the outfit for my village idiot, Cookie. How fun is that cupcake fabric? I just need to change the buttons on the jacket, and maybe add her name on the pocket. The pink coat is for Flora, she wears this in the first scene. As she is the cleaning lady, I trimmed it with pink ‘J’ cloths. I thought I was being clever; I didn’t think about it getting wet!  I might trim the sleeves  after I have tried it on my fabulous dame, Alex. Tomorrow, I am making his act one outfit.

The advertising banners designed by my clever, talented, daughter (thanks Hannah) are up around the village and in Banbury. Tickets are selling. Here I am on the roundabout with the banner. I drive past here most days, sometimes I go round twice to have another look. It makes me grin every, single, time.

If you are within travelling distance, tickets are on sale here:

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One Response to My pantomime diary: 31 October

  1. Performing is such fun isn’t it. I was performing last night with Chester Ladies Choir – this concert always marks the start of Christmas for me.

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