My Pantomime Diary: 21 September

Last minute change of plans tonight – singing was postponed to Wednesday which meant that people were hanging around a bit while we measured and fitted costumes.  I tried to block Act One Scene One but there were too many distractions and people missing. In the end we gave up and concentrated on wardrobe.

The good news is that the society has lots of costumes in store that are suitable for my show. The daunting task is to identify what can be made over and what has to be made from scratch or purchased. This seems to take hours. By the end of the evening we had made some progress, although not in the areas I had planned!

I am lucky to have a talented friend (Kim) who is very experienced in stage makeup and hairdressing. I am also lucky that one of my daughter’s friends (Stacey) who is multi skilled in millinery, wig making and prop making has volunteered to help out. Last night they showed me some preliminary sketches for some of the character wigs and head dresses – I was absolutely blown away by their creativity and the best bit is … they can utilise some of our old wigs which will keep the budget in check and appeal to my spirit of reusing/recycling.

Flexibility is the key to remaining sane throughout this experience, I think. Directing is much harder than I expected despite being very organised and prepared (or so I thought). My desperate need to be in control kicks in now and then and when I’m tired, the little anxious voice in my head pipes up. Today I heard some very sad news about a colleague which is a much needed kick up the arse.

Make lists. Let go of stuff. Get some sleep. Enjoy it.

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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