Glutney Chutney

The veg patch has been a bit neglected this year but while our backs were turned the crops continued to grow.
This weekend we remembered to go and pick some runner beans and discovered a row of carrots and a lovely stash of beetroot.

More beans than we can eat as there are still lots to come so hurrah! Enough for some chutney. I love runner bean chutney. It reminds me of my mum. She didn’t make it herself, but she used to buy it from the local WI market.
I made some last year and gave a lot away as presents. Not this time. This batch will be jealously guarded and hoarded like gold. Lumpy, spicy, dirty looking gold. Mmmmm.

Tonight I am making beetroot chutney. A great way to use up our home grown vegetables plus free windfalls from the apple tree in the car park at work.The recipe has been with me for about 20 years. Smudged and barely legible… Every time I get it out I think “I really should record that permanently”. Now I have.
The pan is bubbling, spewing out vinegary fumes that assault the senses but I know the delight to come. The blissful spoonfuls of sweet-sharp ruby chutney on Boxing Day. if we can wait that long…

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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