Challenge accepted: tranform clutter into cash

A few weeks ago I read a post from fellow blogger Simply Being Mum who had issued herself a challenge to raise £600 as part of the decluttering process and then invited others to join in. You can read all about it here. 

This struck a chord with me, as heaven knows I need to get rid of some clutter and like most people, I could do with some extra cash. We have a holiday planned at the end of the year, and the idea of making some spending money and freeing up some space sounded like a good idea. £600 might not be achievable, but surely £300 could be done…

To this end, I have been assembing boxes and bags of unwanted items to be sold and this weekend was pencilled in (weather permitting) to try our luck at a local car boot sale. A rummage through the wardrobe unearthed a pile of clothes that are sadly too big for me now that I have lost – and am continuing to lose- weight. See? Lose pounds, gain £££.

Anyhoo- an early start yesterday and we spent about five hours on an old airfield on the borders of Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire. I am always genuinely amazed at what sells and what doesn’t but overall we managed to shift a lot of items for small sums of money. After pitch fees of £10, we cleared £94 profit, thank you very much.

We loaded the car up for the return journey and then decided- why not leave it in the car and try another venue on Sunday? So we did. It’s OK, we had nothing better to do. *hides moutain of ironing under blanket*

Crack of dawn this morning saw us in Banbury at the regular boot sale. They pack ’em in tight so not much room to display. It was lovely and sunny and I really enjoyed chatting to the buyers and browsers. A bit of spirited haggling but all in good fun. Worth going, as we cleared £44 profit after buying ice creams and, I suppose I have to confess, I did spend £3 on these vintage bowls and adorable frilly aprons. I couldn’t resist them, they will look fabulous in our pimped-up caravan.

I thought I would take a quick photo in the garden – my glamorous assistant decided to model the apron and show off our home-grown gooseberries in one of the bowls.

A good result for the weekend. £138 in the holiday fund, almost halfway to the £300 target. Some unwanted items have been rehomed and given a new lease of life. My blue jacket looked so much better on its new owner than it ever did on me. If she hadn’t agreed to the two quid, I would have given it to her for free! What about the stuff that’s left? We will have one more try at the boot sale next Saturday, with any more clutter that I can find in the meantime, then whatever remains will go to the charity shop or for recycling.

Now, who will give me a pound for these ugly tapas bowls? Anyone?

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2 Responses to Challenge accepted: tranform clutter into cash

  1. I’ve never done a car boot sale, but you’re right, it’s a great way to decutter. Mine goes to the charity shop but perhaps I’d do better to earn some cash from it.

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