National Second Hand Day

In recognition of National Second Hand Day I thought I would share my latest find.

We have been invited to a ‘gangsters and molls’ birthday party next weekend so I have been looking for something suitable to wear. A 1920s ‘flapper ‘ style is probably not the most flattering for my shape, so I had in mind a more 1930s vintage look.

I found a great dress in one of the charity shops in Banbury- it’s a bias cut, drape-y soft floral print with a fluted skirt and short sleeves. When I got home and looked at the label it turned out to be 100% silk chiffon. Only £8.00. I was chuffed to bits!

In a different charity shop, I picked up a (brand new with tags) little fake-fur collar for under £2.00 which gave the outfit a glamorous 1930s feel. I already have some navy blue shoes and a little beaded bag which will go, so I am all sorted. Martin has a navy pinstripe suit which we will ‘gangster up’ with a white tie and a fedora.

I might try and make a little hair band with a brooch – I have been looking at wigs on e bay, what do you think?



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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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3 Responses to National Second Hand Day

  1. Great outfit – I just love charity shops don’t you!

  2. Fab! What a find – dress it a bit differently and you could wear it to the races!
    So good to have you back – been missing your updates 😀

  3. lethally says:

    I don’t think you can even *buy* silk chiffon these days! Or maybe you can…but not anywhere I could afford.

    I love charity shops too…you never know what you’ll find. I bought my son a beautiful men’s tweed jacket a couple of months ago, for a Doctor Who costume (he’s a geek in training). He was absolutely thrilled. Since then he’s procured himself a fez and a bowtie. Outfit sorted 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your party! 🙂

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