Bags of potatoes

About a month ago, we visited  the vegetable plot for the first time in months- it didn’t look too bad, just in need of a tidy up and a bit of a dig. We planted some broad beans from seed, and decided to try some new potatoes. These were found at the local nursery and left on the window sill to sprout or ‘chit’.

So, fast forward to this weekend. The seed potatoes have been sprouting away on the windowsill and as we were catching up with jobs around the home this weekend and the weather was OK, we decided to plant the spuds. We had chosen two varieties of early new potatoes. For both varieties, seven of the original ten will be planted in the vegetable patch at work and three will grow in the bags in the back garden to give us a comparison.
The grow-bags have been placed in a sunny spot by the shed. They are quite tall and have room to earth up the plants as they grow. There is a little ‘door’ on the side for easy harvesting. The rest of the sprouting spuds will be planted out after work tomorrow or on Tuesday depending on the weather. The patch has been prepared and the broad beans planted a month ago are already poking through the earth.
I am really looking forward to some home grown baby spuds… The garden mint is growing in a tub nearby ready to be added to the cooking pot.

Have any experienced gardeners any tips for growing perfect potatoes?


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