A walk in the woods

“Only six miles” said the leaflet. I did some quick mental arithmetic. About 2 hours, I reckoned. I can do that.
“A famous tea shop at the halfway point for tea and home made cakes.” Sounds great. Let’s do it.
We left Betws y Coed car park and strolled along the riverside…so far, so good. Gradually, the terrain became rougher, the path was basically tree roots and rocks. Yesterday’s rain had made it muddy in places. Then the path began to climb quite steeply and we scrambled along a narrow path along the side of the hill (mountain?) with just a barbed wire fence between us and the steep drop to the river below.
By now I am carrying my hat, anorak, scarf and hoodie because the weather has turned glorious, warm and sunny and I am red faced and sweaty! I dressed for the British weather in March and we got blue skies and sunshine. No one will believe us.
About 2 hours later (TWO HOURS tramping through the trees!) we reach the waterfalls. Nice. Not spectacular though . Not sure if they were worth the effort. We took some photos. I posed with the stick that I had picked up and used to help me.


You shall not pass

(Swallow falls behind me.)
Finally we reached the bridge and the flippin’ tea shop was closed! Nooooooo!
Rather than retrace our steps, because it was quite a difficult walk, we chose the circular route and returned via the footpath next to the road. Thank god there was a pub along the way where we could stop for a cuppa and a wee! Desperate for both!!
Anyway a fine day out, lots of fresh air and exercise which was the real reason for the walk. My feet are complaining and I ache a bit but I am quite proud that I completed the walk which was far more challenging than I expected.

Tomorrow – maybe the seaside if the weather is kind to us. I think a paddle in the freezing cold sea is just what my poor feet need.

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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