Project completed or ‘I love it when a plan comes together’

Have you missed me?

This is my first post since the 365 challenge ended. I took a little break but now …I’m back!!

I have been thinking about this blog and whether I should stick to a theme or try to specialise in a particular area such as food, crafts or thrift – but after some deliberation I have decided to keep it random. I have a lot of interests (“master of none” says the little voice in my head) so I will continue to share them all with my readers.

Before we move on to the year ahead and all the promise it holds, I would like to take a moment to go back to the UFO list that I started way back in the summer of 2014.

Let’s recap: Here was the list on 13 June 2014, with my comments. According to the post on that day I had loads of time as the football was going to be on for a month (World Cup) and I went on to allocate achievable completion dates.  What’s that noise I hear? It’s my family laughing….

  1. Paint chest of drawers in guest room – target date 30 June- I already have the paint- I can start this right away. 
  2. Rocking horse painting project- target date 30 June see below
  3. Garden table-mosaic tile table top  target date 31 July- I have been looking for designs/ inspiration this week- I can draw up the design – I may need some more tiles
  4. Wedding album- sort out photos and keepsakes, put in memory album target date 31 August 
  5. Wedding photos- select photos for printing, get them printed, frame and put on wall -target date 31 August
  6. Picture frames in study- put photos in and hang on wall  target date 31 August
  7. Sewing project- patchwork quilt- target complete by Christmas

Back to January 2015. I will review the list in order:

  1. Chest of drawers painted. Nope
  2. Rocking horse project. See below.
  3. Garden table. The table top has a nasty damp patch and needs to be replaced (again) before it can be tiled. This summer. Promise.
  4. Wedding album. Nope.
  5. Wedding photos framed. Nu-uh.
  6. Pictures in study. *hangs head*
  7. Patchwork Quilt. Christmas 2015? Anyone?

So, before we get bogged down in failure, shall we celebrate the one thing on the list I actually finished.

2. The rocking horse project.

This was a vintage (1960s?) wooden rocking horse with a plastic head which I bought from an online antique shop. I wanted to make something unique for my baby grandson (Jackson, born in March 2014) and liked the idea of upcycling a toy that a child had loved but which was now outgrown (I have clearly been traumatised by Toy Story). At the time I had just discovered Annie Sloan chalk paints and was on the look out for a suitable project.

Here are the before pictures:

I worked on the project over the summer and almost completed it, but it was decided to hold on to it until Christmas as Jackson was still far too small to play with it. I used ASCP in Cream and Aubusson Blue. I dry brushed a little pale blue and white here and there, and a touch of yellow in the ears and nose. I distressed it very slightly, to give a natural wear and tear effect which I liked then waxed it all over in clear. I applied a little dark wax on the face and mane to accentuate the features and give an antique quality. I was very pleased with the result- and remembered to snap a few photos in the garden this morning.

The rocking horse was finally delivered today, complete with a little cushion to sit on. Better late than never, and I’m delighted to say that Jackson loved his ‘horsey’…Now I just need to make a cowboy outfit!






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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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11 Responses to Project completed or ‘I love it when a plan comes together’

  1. It may have taken a long time but boy! was it worth it! Love the way you’ve kept the vintage feel 😍
    I think ‘scrappy’ blogs are the best (I would!) – though its great read really informed blogs on a particular subject, bloggers are more relatable when they do this and that.
    And as for ‘many talents, master of none’ – yay! Join the cool kids, baby! X

  2. Hannah says:

    Of course we missed you! And that is one seriously beautiful rocking horse. I hope it’s looked after and passed down to future procrastinators.

  3. Clare says:

    Oh my goodness Mrs Hannah’s Mummy! That is amazing! Totally in awe of your up cycling skills!!! X

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  5. lizard100 says:

    That rocking horse looks really good now. I like this type of project particularly as you get such an original item at the end.

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