365/365 today I went out on a high

Today I have had a really good day.
Lunch with my friend Eve in Stratford upon Avon…fabulous cake.
An afternoon at the cinema watching  ‘into the woods’.  Which I LOVED by the way.
Back home then out again to the Lynden Players’ quiznight. We won last year so some pressure on us as reigning champions. It was a lot of fun, some tricky rounds and at half time we were trailing near the bottom. We had a few good rounds after the break and played our joker at a good time earning extra points. We scored highly on the pictures and music and the anagrams and guess what? We won!!
Now, I know that it is the taking part that counts and the aim of the evening is to raise funds for the group and to socialise with our friends. However…I am quite competitive as you may know – the quiz force is strong with me and my family. The winning team were given a trophy and three seconds of glory which is a great end to a happy day!
Here am I with the prestigious trophy. Well done team…


About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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3 Responses to 365/365 today I went out on a high

  1. Congratulations! A win on your final daily post… How appropriate 😀

  2. Hannah says:

    So proud of you for getting to your 365! Just re-read the last two weeks cause I miss waking up to the previous night’s post!!

  3. fabrickated says:

    Nice one. A winner in lots of ways.

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