301/365 Today I…wore this

17-23 November 2015

I am going to challenge myself to wear something secondhand every day during #secondhandfirst week. I will post a daily photo on this blog.

Today I wore this. The dress was purchased several years ago from a local charity shop- from memory it cost about £4. It comes out every winter and I have always liked it. It’s made of jersey so is comfortable to wear, it washes in the machine and hardly needs ironing- always a bonus in my book! I usually wear it with boots but this challenge has encouraged me to go shopping in my own wardrobe. I rediscovered these blue suede shoes lurking in the cupboard and thought I would give them an outing. Not second hand, but I have had them for ages and, of course, I bought them on sale! The little cardi is from Monsoon.

The photo was taken in the reception area in our building. (Thank you Nadelle)
Please forgive the stupid pose, I am not used to modelling! I should be better at it by Friday…





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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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