300/365 Today I…wore this

17-23 November 2015

I am going to challenge myself to wear something secondhand every day during #secondhandfirst week. I will post a daily photo on this blog.

Today I…wore a tweedy jacket that I bought recently in a charity shop. It belongs to a suit, but the skirt is a little big and maybe too long. I pinned a copper key brooch to the lapel- this was bought from a car boot sale many years ago.

The boots were a bargain from e bay last year- they are lovely soft leather ( the photos suggest they need a bit of a polish) and cost me less than a tenner including postage. Not too high, wide fitting, go with lots of outfits. They may feature again later in the week!

I had to ask one of my work colleagues to take the photos in our staff kitchen at work- not too embarrassing as she is a regular reader of the blog so I didn’t have to explain much.

I definitely thought a bit more about what I was wearing today, knowing that I had to take a picture. I may attempt a selfie tomorrow, or at least I will choose a different part of the building.

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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