291/365 Today I…Have been celebrating

Today I…have been celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary with my lovely husband. It’s not until next weekend (15th) but this was the only time we could get away.
The weather was a bit dodgy today- heavy showers and quite windy.
We drove out to Portland- and headed for the lighthouse (Portland bill) at the tip of the island.
Visibility was pretty poor and the fog warning hooter was booming across the bay. We took shelter in the cafe and had a cuppa.

The rain stopped for a while so we parked overlooking weymouth bay and chesil beach and had a walk. The view is great – the 2012 Olympics sailing events took place in weymouth and Portland and a sculpture has been erected to mark the occasion.

Stopped for lunch at a seafood restaurant overlooking chesil beach and the lagoon-The crab house cafe. It has it’s own oyster beds but we chickened out of trying them! We ate mussels, I had hake wrapped in Parma ham and Martin had monkfish. It was excellent. We are already planning a return trip – how about a weekend away Jackie and Jim?

Being absolutely stuffed we stopped in Weymouth for a walk along the prom to aid digestion. The showers were intermittent but heavy so we grabbed shelter when necessary. Not many on the beach no surprises there:)


Couldn’t help admiring the optimism of the retailers on the sea front! I wonder if they sold any buckets and spades today ?
Back to the flat for a relaxing evening. There is a bottle of pink fizz in the fridge and I’m in my jammies already (5.25pm). Strictly, Xfactor, cheese and dessert wine to round off the day.
Lovely! Hope your weekend has been as good as mine x




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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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2 Responses to 291/365 Today I…Have been celebrating

  1. That is like the best weather to visit the ocean!!

    Please be careful in Jammies that early. Things happen. Just sayin’😇

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