269/365 Today I…am making curry

Today I found out that it is National Curry Week in the UK. It has been in some of the newspapers and there is a facebook page and a website.  I have copied some info from the website below:

“Now in its 17th year, National Curry Week 2014 again invites not only curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteens etc, all over Britain but also the curry loving public who wish to dine at home with a takeaway or a prepared meal. We invite both the dine in and dine out sectors to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and, where possible, to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and suffering in South Asia and worldwide particularly Water Projects with 1.4 million children dying from water-related diseases every year. (register free now) and the Find Your Feet Charity helping families build a future free from poverty and Action Against Hunger (special hungryhouse donation). Donations were also made to other charities such as ABF The Soldiers Charity by The Maypole Inn, Taunton, the Sue Ryder Charity from Chak 89 in Mitcham, Katharine House Hospice from Bengal Spice in Deddington and Sightsavers Charity from Tamarind Northampton.”









There is a lot of information on the website including recipes for cooking curry at home and links to recommended restaurants. There are recipes free to download and also kindle books that include a charity donation. It also highlights the work of the charities involved.

Too late to organise an event, but not too late to make a donation. I have been inspired to make a ‘bottom of the fridge’chicken curry tonight- I have some chillies, a mango, some (frozen) spinach, a leek, chicken breast fillets, coconut milk and some curry paste. Add some basmati rice, a big dollop of Geeta’s mango chutney ( the best EVER) and we are sorted.


If I can get hold of some poppadums and some yoghurt from the village shop on the way home I will rustle up some sort of raita to accompany.

Saag aloo! I have spinach…and potatoes…just thought of that *googles recipe*

Looking forward to tonight- curry, beer, TV.  I will post a photo of my curry!


Curry night update: I had to drive my son to A&E because he had hurt his foot so I put the curry in the oven to finish cooking. Oh dear… overcooked and dried up I’m afraid. Not a complete disaster – still edible but not the glorious feast I had imagined. No pictures!!


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