254/365 Today I… Need help

Today I…need help from any houseplant/ cacti experts.

I was given this plant as a cutting and it has been sitting on the windowsill in the downstairs loo. I have occasionally watered it (from the bottom) but pretty much neglected it apart from that. It is a fairly cool room that gets light but not direct sun.
Against all odds it seems to be growing extra bits…can anyone tell me what, if anything, I need to do with it? There is one enormous leaf like a long tongue- there are little shooty bits growing on the spikes.

Apologies for the poor quality photos- and any cobwebs you may spot lurking in  the background!

Any tips or hints would be very much appreciated. This is our ONLY houseplant. I have killed all the rest *hangs head*. Help!!





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3 Responses to 254/365 Today I… Need help

  1. this is all normal for this plant, it is a hanging plant and the extra “bits” are new leafs, it is a plant that get beautiful and big flowers, doesn’t need much water but needs as much light as possible and if you can give it a vacation in the open air (garden or balcony it will love you for it !!! (don’t put it outside in the sun !!!, give it a shaded place for a week and then another place with a bit of sun, ok ?

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