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Great advice and requires only a little effort to put into practice…I have a wardrobe full of clothes and “nothing to wear” and I know I am not alone.  I have tried very hard not to buy new clothes this year, my mantra is “need or want”.  I am planning for autumn/winter and just need to find a couple of tops to go with last year’s skirts and trousers. I’d like a jacket to pull outfits together when I need to look smart for meetings etc. I am happy to spend a little more for this one item, taking into consideration cost per wear.

My Make Do and Mend Year

Wednesday, hump day, brings us #ValueIt for Waste Less Live More week.

Value It

This is all about valuing what we have.
Taking the time to think about what our ‘stuff’ is made from, and how we choose to treat it.
It’s all about re-using and really treasuring our things.
I guess it’s the opposite of the disposable culture we seem to be in the midst of.
For me, it boils down to “Buy Less, Buy Better”.

According to WRAP, “around 30% of the clothing of a UK household has not been worn for at least a year”.
That’s bonkers.

When did clothes, and ‘stuff’ in general get to be so disposable? Not even the actual disposable, single-use items, like carriers bags, and water bottles, but £3 t-shirts, and £10 shoes.
I am as guilty of the next person, as succumbing to the allure of ‘new stuff’, except I try and buy…

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