222/365 Today I…went to Gulliversland

Today I…went to Gulliver’s Land near Milton Keynes, with my son Rich and daughter in law Becky and grandsons Oliver and Jackson.

We took a picnic ( cheese scones, see yesterday’s post). It was lovely to spend the day with them, we had lots of fun and I got lots of baby cuddles while Oliver went on the rides with Rich & Becky.

The park itself was pretty good, a bit dated in some areas but clean, lots of (free) parking, plenty of toilets, cafes and picnic areas. The staff were friendly and helpful.  There are additional areas with extra fees, we didn’t have the time or energy to do it all in one day. There is a camping and caravan site alongside the park- ideal for young families.

I was a little bothered to see that the ‘girls’ toilets were predictably pink and the cubicle doors were decorated with the words ‘Hats’, ‘shoes’, ‘bags’ and ‘cosmetics’. God forbid our daughters should be interested in sports, space and cars like ‘the little boys room’. (I didn’t go in the boys loo- I asked Oliver what was on the doors!)

FYI, I love hats, shoes, bags and have all of those things in bright pink but I also love star trek, maps and my car.

End of rant.

PS more photos from our day out





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