206/365 Today I…am reading

Today I  am reading the book club selection that I failed to read in January.
Book club was a bit of a wash out- it seemed a good idea but it never got off the ground. Anyway, I bought the book, The Misbegotten by Katherine Webb,  but didn’t have time to read it- until now. The blurb on the back is promising, and my fellow book club members who did read it have recommended it highly ( both of them).

“Bath, 1821. Rachel Crofton escapes her unhappy employment as a governess by marrying a self-made businessman. But her new life soon takes an unexpected turn. Reclusive Jonathan Alleyn is a man tormented by the disappearance of his childhood sweetheart, Alice. Starling, foundling child and now servant, is convinced that Alice, the woman she loved as a sister, was stolen from her. Did Alice run away? Or did something altogether more sinister occur? As Starling tries to expose the lies behind Bath’s immaculate facades, others want only to forget, and will go to extreme lengths to do so. And the courage both Rachel and Starling need to bring these truths to light will come at a very high price..”

I am about half way through having started it at lunchtime, which suggests that I am enjoying it very much! I must put it away and go to bed…more tomorrow…9781409135906

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