205/365 Today I…need help with my panto

Today I have a panto update. I typed up my notes this evening and I am just over 7000 words and almost finished Act One.

I am looking for a boy/girl duet for my principal boy/girl to sing when they first meet. Something cute and modern. They fall in love at first sight ( of course!) but nothing too mushy at this stage. She is perhaps more romantically experienced than he is.

Light and flirty, not too difficult to sing. Something like “Call me maybe”. I need some more contemporary song suggestions so that the younger members of the audience can recognise them!  Boy band fans – can you help?  Nothing by Justin Beiber because he is a little prick.

Suggestions please?

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4 Responses to 205/365 Today I…need help with my panto

  1. Sorry but not really into that kind of music so can’t give good suggestion! But I love the comment about Beiber!! Had you thought about anything by One Direction? Or Taylor Swift?

  2. downmyfront says:

    Thanks for your comment! I have until next year so I will listen out for something suitable. Because I’m quite old all the songs I really like are from the 1970s & 1980s. It may turn out to be a disco panto 🙂

  3. A disco panto…that sounds awesome! I I’m a 70s/80s kid too, so totally know where you’re coming from! I do like stuff from now but rock & indie rather than pop. Although you should think about trying to get in “Happy” by Pharrell Williams somewhere in your panto because everyone loves that, don’t they?!

    Are you the Linda Snell of your village? (I mean that in a nice way!!) A panto sounds like a huge amount of work…well done.

  4. downmyfront says:

    “Happy” is a great idea! Thanks.
    Afraid I had to ‘google’ Linda Snell- hahaha she sounds hysterical. Every village has a Linda. We have a very active amdram in our village so fingers crossed I can cast it without coercion. It is a mammoth task, but I am having a lot of fun,.. making myself laugh anyway.

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