197/365 Today I…reblogged “not my type”

Today I…re-blogged this post from Que Sera.

Since I began working in publishing, I have looked at the mechanics of print and typefaces in a whole new way. Was this post interesting and informative- “Helvetica, yeah” LOVE IT

que sera


So the new computer is great.

It’s not clogged up with a million pieces of grime, the desktop tower no longer wheezes like an asthmatic cat, and the letters on the new keyboard are nice and clicky, offering reassurance to all and sundry that work is in progress.

There’s really just one problem. My favourite font has gone AWOL.

Scrolling through the pull-down menu to change the default setting, I went from Aharoni to Wingdings three times before the shocking truth sunk in – welcome to uncharted typographical terrain.

Now, I stopped using Times New Roman last century because it looked like it should stay there: hunched, crabbed thing that it is.

A serif typeface with fussy little feet and tips on the letters, it was so-called because it was first commissioned by the UK Times newspaper back in 1931.

For a long while I flirted with Arial, before settling…

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