193/365 Today I…spent time with Ben and Jerry

Today I…was stuck in the house all afternoon as it was raining. I had some sewing to do, and while the machine was out, I thought I might make something for Ben and Jerry.

Readers familiar with ‘Operation Bob‘ will know that Ben and Jerry are the new guys that have come to stay with us, now that Bob & George have gone to live at Oliver’s house.

Last time he came to play, Oliver requested shorts and dressing gowns for the guys and so far I haven’t had the chance to make any. This afternoon seemed a good time!

I found some cotton patchwork fabric with small prints that shouted “board shorts” at me, so I made a couple of pairs. They fit OK, I just need to stitch some elastic round the waists and I think this will need to be done by hand.

I tried to make shirts to go with the shorts but struggled to make them fit. I have a shirt pattern for a Ken doll that I downloaded from t’internet but Ben & Jerry, being Action Men are more- shall we say- “buff” than Ken.  The first one was enormous as I over compensated for the manly chests and poor Jerry looked like Demis Roussos.  The second one was better but doesn’t quite do up so I haven’t finished off the raw edges.  I ran out of time today but will try again, next time will be a happy medium!

The younger one (in yellow) is Ben by the way. Jerry has the rather fetching blue shorts with gorgeous little seahorses on. How cute! Jerry’s brother Matt lives with my sister and spends time at the beach so I will be sending a pair of shorts down South for him. Apologies for the blurry photos, it was quite late, I have had three glasses of wine and I’m not used to this phone.  Stay posted for shirt photos and I have a cool idea for hats that I want to try. Also dressing gowns?


I love being a grandma. Who could resist a request from these cuties?

10527291_10152260333908603_3914806027698312503_n (1)






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2 Responses to 193/365 Today I…spent time with Ben and Jerry

  1. Toss in another Ben and Jerry ( think: ice cream) Goes well with dressing gowns. 🙂

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