187/365 Today I…have some ‘new’ stuff

Today I…have acquired some cool new stuff-well, new to me to be precise.

After a successful car boot sale yesterday, we left the unsold items in the car and pitched up again today at a different site. Two early mornings in a row!  It was quite a busy event and I did not get a chance to look around and buy (probably for the best).  I spotted a box of tiles on the next stall and asked “how much?” A quid for the box was the reply. SOLD! They will do nicely for the mosaic table top which I am beginning to think is actually going to happen, at last.

As everyone was clearing up, I spotted a vintage 1980s looking serving dish with a lid in a box of crockery where the stallholder was shouting “everything 10p”. He said to me- “you can have that for 10p but you have to take the whole box”. SOLD!
He added that I could also have the box next to it for another 10p if I wanted it. I spotted a couple of colourful plates in the box. SOLD!
When we got home, I emptied the boxes and found a little sugar bowl that matched the serving dish.  I have looked this up on-line- the design is Hedge Rose by Boots and the sugar bowls are selling on e bay for about £5 and there is a tureen for £14.99.  There was also a sweet little flowery pyrex dish in the box that would be lovely for serving fruit salad- or how about jelly! The second mystery box contained some lovely coloured side plates which I will keep and some fabulous orange and yellow plates and dishes which I fell in love with. There were some odd saucers and a set of five chunky brown earthenware bowls which I have put in the box for the next boot sale. The rest of the items, a few odd plates and bowls will go to the charity shop. My treasure trove has been put in the dishwasher- a great haul for just 20p.  The orange plates are pictured on the garden table which is waiting to be transformed.

All in all, a very successful weekend. We recycled lots of our unwanted items, we made a little bit of cash which will go towards our holiday, and I came home with some lovely kitchenware for a bargain price!


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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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