183/365 Today I…have been listening to ELO

Today I…have been listening to ELO, the Electric Light Orchestra.

I love their 1974 album ‘Eldorado’ .










I reminds me of my teens when I had not heard anything like ELO with its mix of lush strings over rock music. The lyrics on this album are all steeped in myth and folk tales but in a ‘modern’ way, not a folky, beardy way (although ELO were quite beardy if I remember rightly) they have an underlying yearning for adventure – the ordinary guy ( or girl) stuck in small town life thinking  “Robin Hood, William Tell, Ivanhoe and Lancelot- they don’t envy me”.

The search for Eldorado- it’s inside us all. I haven’t heard this for quite a few years, I remembered all the words and sang along!  If this isn’t your bag, check out their greatest hits which are bloody marvellous.

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