181/365 Today I…am decluttering

Today I…spent a couple of hours de-cluttering the “study” -or junk room, as it has become known.

I had a good look through my books at the weekend and decided to part with around 70 items, some text books, some secondary reading, some primary texts that I studied over the past 6 years that I know I will never read again! One or two that I never got around to reading  when they were set texts. One of the great unread was ‘Bleak House’. Although I really enjoyed the BBC TV series I confess I did not manage to read it at the time, mainly because it coincided with my wedding. Its on my ‘to read’ pile.

I am trying to sell my books to recover a little of the ££ that I spent. I have listed them on www.greenmetropolis.com, an online charity bookstore. I have bought many books from this site and so it seems fitting to offer them back for others to buy at a great price. The books are recycled and a percentage of the transaction goes towards the Woodland Trust- according to their website, around £26,000 has been raised for this charity since the site began.

 Founder of GreenMetropolis, Barry Crow says, “Millions of old books get thrown away every year, with even more copies reprinted on new paper. The cost and damage to the environment is huge, so we want to encourage people to keep books in circulation to help prevent such massive and unnecessary waste.”

I have filed all my module folders on the top shelf to clear some space, now I have to put all the books I am keeping back on the bookshelves. There are quite a lot.  The question is- what order do they go in?  Chronological? Sorted by century- for example I have lots of 19th C novels and poetry…

OR by classification? All the poetry together from Milton to Duffy? What about the feminist shelf?  Does Isabella Bird go with the Victorian lady writers or with the kick ass gals like Virginia Woolfe?

OR Alphabetical by author?  Nah…I would never be able to keep that up 😀

OR Colour coded?

OR I could just shove them on the shelf randomly.

Any suggestions?

About downmyfront

Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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