179/365 Today I…had a picnic

Today Martin and I visited Abingdon on Thames, a small town about 8 miles south of Oxford. We had planned to go to the seaside today, but the weather forecast was not great- rain and storms predicted! I had already prepared a picnic last night, so we decided to just go out and find somewhere to have a walk, explore and eat our picnic.  The weather looked better due south, so we picked Abingdon because I had never been there.
We managed to park next to the river and strolled into the town centre. There was a fantastic band playing in the square and the music carried along the streets so I found my feet tapping as I hummed and sang along. There’s nothing like a band playing to lift your spirits and make you smile. It wasn’t raining and there was a really happy atmosphere.


Only 50p

Only 50p

We had a cup of tea and a slice of delicious home made coffee and walnut cake being sold to support a local charity and I also bought a book from a sale in the church. Only 50p! I have read some great reviews of this novel and couldn’t believe my luck.

We ate our picnic on a bench in the park next to the river, watching the boats go by. I made sausages marinaded in soy sauce, honey and mustard and a bacon and mushroom quiche, which we ate with some salad and pitta bread, followed by some cherries. Lovely! Because of the rain and storms last night, the grass was wet so we couldn’t have a ‘proper’ picnic on the blanket, but we made do with the bench.


I thought Abingdon was a very pleasant place to visit; it has some interesting little shops and streets to explore, there is an Abbey which we didn’t have time to see today, riverside walks along the Thames, with gorgeous flowers along the path, you can hire boats by the hour or by the day and there were lots of tempting places to eat, especially by the river.  I think we will go back another time and try them out.

The seaside will still be there, maybe next weekend?

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