170/365 Today I…am looking at pies

Today I…am looking at recipes for lemon meringue pie. Yes, its a bit old fashioned, but goodness me, it’s delicious!  Shop bought LMPs are always disappointing- the meringue is usually too dry and crisp- it shouldn’t be like pavlova, it should be like a cloud, ever so slightly brown and chewy on top but then light and melting sweetness to contrast with the tart-lemon filling all on top of a crisp pastry case.

Growing up we always used the packets of lemon pie mix which had the lemon oil in a capsule. As you stirred and the mixture heated, the capsule suddenly used to burst and a hit of lemon sprang out of the saucepan.  Anyone else remember these? The modern packets don’t have them…5682420710_fafbb9628f_z

This weekend I am not going to use a packet (although they are very good and practically home made as you have to make the pastry and meringue yourself) – I am going to use Mary Berry’s recipe downloaded from bbc.co.uk/food – there will be photos!

Wish me luck 🙂


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3 Responses to 170/365 Today I…am looking at pies

  1. I almost scrolled past this post in the reader, then I was like. Hmm, pie actually sounds kind of good. Maybe they’ll have pictures. Maybe I’ll eat pie when I get off work. I will follow your blog now for an update on that recipe 😉

  2. Hannah Hughes says:

    The popping of the lemony capsule was an event in our household . It was such a household fave and so often beautifully baked that mum could time the ‘lemon pop’ to a thirty second window based on temperature, consistency and mothers intuition alone. Plus the meringue was always pillowy soft. I’m looking forward to Saturday 🙂

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