166/365 Today I…laughed at this

Today I…am sharing some photos that my sister Jackie took yesterday.

Regular readers will be familiar with earlier posts about Bob and his chums. Bob now lives at Oliver’s house and I saw him briefly when I visited the other day. He says “hi”.
One of Bob’s friends, known as ‘non-slip’ Matt (don’t ask) is staying at my sister’s house which is on the south coast of England.

Yesterday evening, I received a message on facebook from my sister.



It was accompanied by the following images.  Sensitive readers should look away NOW.

I have been sniggering at these pictures all day. The ‘Daniel Craig’ style exit from the sea is fantastic. Spot the difference! She must have had this in mind?

I love that my sister has done this- thank you Jackie! You have made us laugh all day today. Did you have an accomplice (Jim)?
I am deeply impressed that she did this IN A PUBLIC PLACE- so far I have been restricted to the house and garden. NO MORE!!  The gloves are off! And in the case of Matt- everything else was off too.

I hope Oliver thought it was as funny as we did. ‘Cos that’s why we do it- right?

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1 Response to 166/365 Today I…laughed at this

  1. Hannah Hughes says:

    Hahaha! You guys are amazing.

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