160/365 Today I…am thinking about my diet

Today I…watched a TV programme on channel 4 about the World’s best diets. It was a look at the healthiest and least healthy diets from around the globe- the worst offenders were linked to cheap, processed food with high levels of fat and sugar where a high proportion of the inhabitants were obese, diabetic and dying from heart disease. England was way down the list. They have a better diet (high in fibre) in Ethiopia than we do here. I myself am the wrong side of 50, obese and newly diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. Oh shit! I have a fairly healthy diet but know what my weaknesses are- bread, salt, crisps. Maybe I should pay attention…

One of the most shocking scenes was a dentist (in Mexico I think) working on the rotten teeth of children who consume vast quantities of fizzy sugar-laden drinks. These beautiful, tiny children with horrific little teeth that have literally been dissolved by that poisonous shit.  The presenter almost wept to see them, and so did I. The plastic chairs and tables where the dentist and his co-workers took their break had the coca-cola logo all over them.

High on the list were countries like Scandinavia (lots of fresh fish, berries and grains), parts of Italy where they grow and eat fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, olive oil and fish (mediterranean diet) which promotes low cholesterol and long life. The country with the healthiest diet was Iceland- fish, fish and more fish, rye bread, grass fed dairy and hardly any processed food. This represents the traditional Icelandic diet.

The programme wasn’t saying that one size fits all, but the message was clear- eat far less processed food, more fresh stuff, less meat, more fish, more wholegrains, pulses and legumes, avoid fizzy drinks and too much booze.

Sounds fairly simple-  as long as I don’t have to give up marmite…



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2 Responses to 160/365 Today I…am thinking about my diet

  1. Hannah Hughes says:

    I’m totally reintroducing fish into my diet. Scott gives me a confused, slightly hurt face when I suggest anything without meat in it but fish is delicious and cheap. I’m looking forward to trying Jamie’s Smoked Mackerel Carbonara (http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pasta-recipes/carbonara-of-smoked-mackerel) – he describes mackerel as being bacon-y cause it’s kind of smoked and salty and robust. SOLD!

  2. downmyfront says:

    YUM! I have Jamie’s book and I love smoked mackerel. Also mussels- cheap and quick and fantastic- why don’t I ever cook them? I bought some (frozen) baby squid / cuttlefish from the thai supermarket in MK- tiny, tiny whole squidlets with teeny weeny tentacles- we had them on paella, but also delicious in a stir fry according to Shirley.


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