154/365 Today I… am feeling better- thanks

Today I…am feeling better, thank you!

My blog posts have been very brief  the past few days for different reasons. Anyway, back to “normal”, whatever that is?

On Saturday we were at a BBQ- a bit of a reunion for some of us who had attended a family wedding in Jamaica last year. The bride is my husband’s niece and we were very honoured to be invited to their wedding.

We haven’t seen them for a few months, and while catching up they were telling us how they have taken on a piece of land near to where they live, which is the town I used to live in when I was in my teens and early twenties.  They are growing vegetables and also rearing pigs and chickens. They mentioned that they are sharing the piece of land with a woman who cannot manage it on her own because of health issues.

They described the location of the field, near a small village and I said that I used to have a friend who lived there- her name was Christine. Their jaws dropped in unison- their ‘land lady’ was also called Christine- could it possibly be the same person? Of course, it was!

Christine used to be my best friend- we worked together for a few years and she was my bridesmaid when I got married in 1984. We lost touch over the years as marriage took us to different areas of the country. We found each other again a few years ago (both divorced) and have met up a few times since then- although not as often as we should!   My best memories of Christine are all emotional- laughing, crying, talking about boys, broken hearts, getting drunk, more laughing…

I sent Christine a text message to say “What a small world” and she immediately called me back. It was as though we spoke yesterday.  I have promised to go and see her very soon and visit the piglets.

What a happy coincidence- a celebration of family also led me back to an old friend. Result.

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