146/365 Today I…have news about Operation Bob

Today I… have an update on Operation Bob.

Martin & I went to a local car boot sale on Saturday morning. We have an accumulation of junk building up so thought we would check out a new site with a view to taking a seller’s pitch one weekend. The sale is held every Saturday morning on an old airfield- hard standing and plenty of parking.  It was very busy, lots of buyers and sellers and plenty of haggling!

We came home with some celery plants for the veg plot, a couple of books (naturally) and some colourful plates to be broken up for the mosaic garden table- ticking all the craft and hobby boxes!
We also gathered a massive haul of ‘action-man’ accessories for Bob…I mean, Oliver.

Regular readers will know that Bob & George are action-man dolls, sorry-FIGURES- that live at our house for grandson Oliver to play with when he comes over. Oliver originally requested that I make some pyjamas, a hoodie and a sleeping bag for Bob. This sparked off ‘Operation Bob’ which led to us finding George, several blog posts and has since become a bit of an obsession harmless pastime.

Back to the story…I bought four more dol figures from the boot sale so that I could get my hands on the assorted clothes and accessories: boots, goggles, hats, skis, weaponry and body armour- all for just £6. A bargain! These tiny plastic things go for big bucks on ebay.  I thought Oliver could take a couple of the new guys home to play with and I could always car-boot or charity shop any that we didn’t want to keep.   I knew Oliver was coming over on Sunday so I gave the four as-yet-un-named-figures a soak in the washing up bowl while I hand washed all the clothes and put them out to dry.

I gave all the plastic accessories a scrub and laid them out to dry. Don’t ask…I don’t know what some of them are for!


I am pleased to say, Oliver was thrilled with the new collection and we took them into the garden to try out (try on?) the new kit. Out came the phone to capture the fun. Reader, I am a slave to this blog and I did it for you.  Many of the scenarios were Oliver’s idea, and even Grampy Martin joined in when we couldn’t reach the cable. There was a lot of laughter in the garden yesterday, and not all at my expense.

When it was time to go, I asked Oliver if he wanted to take some of the guys home. He took Bob & George (I did not see that coming) and a new guy who he christened “Chase”. Chase is a spy, apparently.  I have to confess to a slight pang when Bob & George left, but at least they are still together. A bit of a Toy Story moment for me…

I have instructions to make dressing gowns and pyjamas with shorts for all the guys, so Operation Bob lives on. I’d also like to make a tent?  Any ideas?

I have three figures here, so I am going to send one to my sister Jackie with some wool so that she can (please) knit more hoodies/ jumpers to fit. Thanks Jack. I am sending you “Non-slip” Matt. Look after him- he is a bit older than the other guys (a veteran) and his joints are a bit stiff.  Maybe you could take him bowling? (photo please)


I also have to think of names for these two. Any suggestions?



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1 Response to 146/365 Today I…have news about Operation Bob

  1. lizard100 says:

    Rex and Bruno! This is amazing. We had home made clothes for figures as kids. I’m a Slavs to photo making for my blog too! Hilarious!

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