143/365 Today I…am looking at UFOs

Today I…am returning to my Un-Finished Objectives list.

The football is on for a month (A MONTH !!!) so nothing to distract me from completing some -or all- of my UFOs.

I last updated the list, pre-exams on 12 May.  This is how it stands right now, in order of completion dates.

  1. Paint chest of drawers in guest room – target date 30 June- I already have the paint- I can start this right away. 
  2. Rocking horse painting project- target date 30 June see below
  3. Garden table- tile table top  target date 31 July- I have been looking for designs/ inspiration this week- I can draw up the design – I may need some more tiles
  4. Wedding album- sort out photos and keepsakes, put in memory album target date 31 August 
  5. Wedding photos- select photos for printing, get them printed, frame and put on wall -target date 31 August
  6. Picture frames in study- put photos in and hang on wall  target date 31 August
  7. Sewing project- patchwork quilt- target complete by Christmas

The rocking horse project is no longer a secret, as my son and daughter-in-law have seen it.  I bought a vintage rocking horse toy as an up-cycling project for my new grandson, Jackson. I wanted to do something special for him because he is GORGEOUS! He is 3 months old so not big enough to sit in the toy just yet…even so, I should get on with it!

This is the toy at the moment:

I will be using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and have already chosen blue, white and yellow as these are the colours of Jackson’s nursery.  I have been looking on Pinterest for some ideas.

I like the spots (- how cute is that spotty chair??) also the rope mane.  I also plan to make a cushion for the seat. While the paintbrushes are out, I can paint and distress the chest of drawers in the guest bedroom to match the bed. I love this decoupage book idea…



Of course, photos will be posted of the finished result. Unless it looks terrible… 🙂


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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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