142/365 Today I… am menu planning

Today I… am menu planning.

Nice and early, this week. Menus planned and on line shopping ordered for delivery tomorrow. It must be this bloomin’ football which has driven me away from the TV and on to the computer!

I am trying to use up some fridge, freezer and store-cupboard items this week, so nothing complicated. The aim is a clear fridge by next Friday. There will always be jars and bottles, sauces and jams, etc but I have found that food gets wasted if there is too much clutter on the shelves and in the drawers.

Tomorrow ( Friday) is ‘bottom of the fridge’ night to use up anything hanging around before the new shopping arrives.  I know there is a hunk of chorizo, some bacon and half a pepper lurking in the drawer, so I am planning a kind of paella inspired “rice with bits” which will taste better than it sounds! A few peas and a sprinkle of parsley can work miracles.

Saturday: I found some home made burger recipes in a magazine so I will be trying a couple at the weekend. Lamb and apricot burgers with beetroot hummus and lime and mango halloumi burgers. I couldn’t choose one so I am making both over the weekend. The usual salad and whatnot to accompany.

Sunday: I will be making a cake and possibly some scones to use up some flour, marg and buttermilk.  It’s father’s day and we are going out in the evening with Martin’s two daughters. Sadly, my dad is no longer here, but we will be raising a glass (or two) in his memory.

Monday:  Satay chicken with salad and new potatoes.

Tuesday: Prawn and fennel risotto with peas and mint.  I saw a TV chef using fennel the other evening and thought it might be good with some prawns.  Not something I usually buy, but I have eaten it finely shredded in a salad and it was delicious.

Wednesday: Good old favourite- spag bol. Minced beef, spaghetti, tomato sauce. A great way to use up fridge stuff- bacon, mushrooms, celery, peppers- they all go in!!  It’s never the same twice. My kids always loved it. ( Sorry Hannah xx)


Thursday: Leftover mince transformed into chilli con carne- served with rice and maybe some tortilla chips topped with melted cheese.  Any odd salad items unused can make a salsa.

Friday: End of the week- I have pencilled in pork steaks and potato wedges as there should be a nice clean, empty, fridge by then. Fingers crossed.

I will be doing my best to avoid the bloody football which is on all evening, every evening as far as I can tell, so this may be a good time to review my ‘to do’ list!




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