134/365 Today I…did not leave the house

Today I…have been on leave from work- studying for my final exam which takes place on Saturday. It rained all day and I have sitting in the same spot, in front of the computer, for most of it, except for meal breaks and making many, many cups of tea.


My exam is for Hollywood Cinema- I have two hours to answer two questions. It is a seen paper, so I have the questions already. I have ( eventually) chosen the two I want to answer and which films I want to write about. The first film is The Reckless Moment (1949) directed by Max Ophuls – a film noir melodrama starring James Mason and Joan Bennett. An excellent film, murder, scandal, blackmail with a chain smoking, strong female lead- what’s not to like?

The second film is more recent- Punch Drunk Love (2002) directed by P T Anderson and starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. I blogged about it here  post 36/365 when I first watched it. I would recommend it, even if you don’t like Adam Sandler.

punchdrunklove (1)


I have my notes, I just need to whip them into shape and commit them to memory by Saturday. Wish me luck!



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