133/365 Today I… reblogged 20 Elderflower Recipes

Today I reblogged this post from My Make Do and Mend Year ( this blog is always a pleasure to read- check it out)

There’s a huge bush/tree at the top of our street that is laden with elderberries every autumn- they always  end up on the pavement and go to waste. This year I have vowed to pick a basketful and try to make something ( wine, cordial?? ) but now I will have to bring my plans forward and pick some of the flowers instead… I have reblogged this to inspire me- thank you!!


My Make Do and Mend Year

It’s June!
Which means it’s Summer, AND it’s elderflower season.

photo credit: elisabet.s via photopin cc photo credit: elisabet.s via photopincc

I had a go at making elderflower cordial last summer, without a huge amount of success. It looked a little bit like horse wee once it was bottled up, but it didn’t taste too bad….
We were sat watching the fantabulous Mary Berry on i-player the other day, and she shared her recipe for elderflower cordial, and I am inspired to try again. But I was also inspired to try and find out what else one could make from elderflowers.
A quick Pinterest search later, and the answer is “quite a lot”.

So just in case you too are feeling the need to pretend you are real life forager (I have this image in my head of me serenely wandering around an idyllic meadow somewhere, wicker basket hooked over my arm, stopping periodically to…

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