132/365 Today I…am looking for inspiration

Today I… am looking for ideas. One of the items on my list of UFOs ( un- finished objectives) is to complete the top of an up-cycled garden table.

The table in question was rescued from the local recycling centre two or three years ago.
I bought a pair of wood and cast iron high backed chairs that I thought were very attractive and in great condition. As I paid for them I said what a pity there wasn’t a table to go with them, when the man replied that there WAS a table but the top was so badly damaged that the ‘legs’ had been thrown into the scrap metal skip. We retrieved the base and bought it home with the chairs. Martin made a new wooden top for the table and my plan was to mosaic tile the top and put the table and chairs in the sunny spot at the top of the garden.

I picked up some tile samples and some odd tiles from a salvage yard but the project has been at a standstill for at least two summers. We use the chairs and even the table with a cloth over it, but this is the summer where it finally gets completed.

Now… I have Pinterest.

I have been looking for inspiration and decided that I would like to try some sort of picture rather than just circles and that I like the look of random ‘shards’ of broken tiles rather than just squares.

Some of the designs I have been looking at are simply works of art and WAY beyond my skill level. How beautiful are these- and how talented the artists who created them?


I am inspired by these- still beautiful but more ‘rustic’. The red one is my favourite although the tiles I have are mainly blue and yellow.

I love the idea of using old bits of china.

I found some templates on Pinterest that might be useful- like this:

My plan is to draw the design on to the table top and lay out some tiles to see the effect before I glue them in place. If I decide that it looks terrible , I can go to plan B and paint it instead.  I have attempted mosaic before- I upcycled an old bedside cabinet into a storage cabinet for the bathroom, painted the carcass, removed the drawer and mosaic tiled a yellow starfish onto a blue/green background on top.  This was about 15 years ago but I remember being very proud of it at the time.

No photos at this stage but there will be plenty of  ‘before’ , ‘during’ and ‘after’ when I actually get started.

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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2 Responses to 132/365 Today I…am looking for inspiration

  1. taphian says:

    really beautiful ideas

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