131/365 Today I…got my hands dirty*

Today I…have been working on the vegetable plot that I talked about last week in post 125/365 . To be honest, Martin did all the hard work: building the frames for the runner beans and sugar snap peas. We also have some dwarf french beans, carrots and beetroot. I planted the beans and made several trips to the tap to fetch buckets of water.

* not true, I wore gloves

This afternoon I made some bunting to scare off the birds. In the spirit of recycling and re-purposing I cut up some plastic carrier bags-for-life in the hope that the fluttering will keep the hungry crows at bay. We walked up to the plot this evening to water the plants and hang the bird-scaring bunting. We could hear the crows in the tree, mocking our feeble attempts to intimidate them with gaily coloured flags from Lakeland and Marks and Spencer. It’s the most middle class bunting you could imagine.  It looks really cute though.

I noticed that one of my work mates has also been planting this weekend ( hi Nadelle 🙂 looking good, girl!!) … so it will be exciting to see how we all progress.

Back home, we have planted up a herb… er, planter and sown some lettuce and rocket in a wooden tub.  We have two new gooseberry bushes- one is covered in fruit but also in powdery mildew which I didn’t notice when I bought it. Martin has re-potted it and sprayed it and taken off all the affected fruit, so we will give it some TLC and hope for a bumper crop next year.  The other, smaller, one is healthy but a different type and not so many berries.

So- a busy day, but not much revision done! I am off to curl up on the sofa with a coffee and my gardening books!!

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2 Responses to 131/365 Today I…got my hands dirty*

  1. Hannah Hughes says:

    I love your carrier bag bunting! It looks so pretty and very environmentally friendly too 🙂 Good for you for utilising such an underused space!

  2. I was very jealous when I got there today, and this was before you’d even put the bunting up! Good job [Martin] 😉
    Seriously though, it’s looking great! x

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