124/365 Today I … reblogged ‘Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: Snow White’

Today I… am reblogging this post which was ‘freshly pressed’ this morning.

“sharpen a fucking stick” …I have been chuckling about this all day. I am reblogging this so that my daughter Hannah can read it.  She is smart and resourceful. confident and independent, cute and funny – I have always been very proud of her and I think she is a kick-ass stick-sharpener!

Hannah- you might also like to check out the post about The Little Mermaid– we always shared an affection for  ‘bright young women, sick of swimmin’, ready to stand’  🙂 [The bit about the fish made me laugh the most]

Flawed But Fixable

I have been preparing lately to have a daughter. I’m not expecting, nor willing, I just like having skills I don’t need. Part of this preparation has been an exhaustive meta analysis of Princess based literature, to better understand the lessons imparted and how that would blend with my parenting style. We shall begin with Snow White.

Snow White


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2 Responses to 124/365 Today I … reblogged ‘Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: Snow White’

  1. Well, this is just delightful.

  2. Hannah Hughes says:

    Holy hell! This is freaking amazing.

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