123/365 Today I…have been relegated

Today I… have been relegated to the other room as Mr K is watching the football.  I’m not even sure [or interested] what the game is or who is playing but I have been huddled in front of the PC watching some old episodes of ’30 Rock’ on catch up. With a bottle of cider. That’s my Saturday night- rock and roll!

To be fair, he offered to go and watch it on the TV upstairs but I am happy here in my swivelly chair. I spend an awful lot of time here, in this chair, looking at this screen, clicking the mouse, tapping at the keys. It’s my spot. [just call me Sheldon]

This is the room without a name. It used to be Hannah’s bedroom and we still refer to it that way. I tried to re-purpose it as my ‘study’because it has my desk and PC and all my books. There is a sofa bed where I imagined myself reading, tucked up under a cosy blanket.  In truth, the sofa is usually piled up with ironing or assorted junk because this room has become the place where all the cr@p lives.  I can’t bear to post a photo but it reminds me of this place :

only people of a certain age will remember…

If I look around quickly I can see

  • A cross trainer
  • A pile of ironing
  • A baby car seat
  • A new gas BBQ which will go in the caravan
  • The old charcoal BBQ from the caravan which we are getting rid off
  • A steam cleaner- someone has asked to borrow it
  • Two vacuum cleaners, (one broken waiting to go to the tip)
  • A large plastic home brew bucket
  • A plastic crate containing wood/kindling for the fire ( which has not been lit for weeks)
  • More stuff in the corner that I can’t identify because the rest of the stuff is in the way

My plan, or dream, was to turn this room into a dining room when my studies are complete. I would love to be able to entertain our friends and family, with informal lunches or formal dinner parties, as I love to cook but the kitchen/diner we have is small and not suitable. In order to make this dream a reality, we need a serious de-clutter*.

This is not the only place in our home that has clutter, but it’s the worst place, a dumping ground for homeless items because we can shut the door and ignore it.


Look out clutter, I have bin-bags and I’m coming to get ya!

*NOTE: Obviously the ironing pile will remain whatever the eventual purpose of the room as the alternative is to actually DO the ironing *shudders*



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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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