117/365 Today I…added to the pile

Today I… forgot all about my bid to de-clutter and bought some more books.

I popped in to the charity recycling centre  for a quick look and picked up a few bargains. The paperbacks were priced at 5 for £2.00 so a very small dent in the budget.


I am hoping to grow some vegetables and herbs this summer, so the two gardening books might be very useful.  We have long term plans for the garden- probably for next year- so the projects book might give me some inspiration.

I picked up a novel that looked interesting- this will go on the summer reading pile which is about six feet high at the moment. Only a few weeks to go until I can read for FUN.

Finally, to make my five items for two quid I could not resist the William Shatner book, dishing the dirt on the Star Trek movies.  I am a bit of a ‘trekkie’ and a film fan so looking forward to dipping into that one! Love the expression on his face- I think he is boldly going! However, still not as funny as this….

Permission to be Fabulous


You’re welcome!

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Interested in cooking and eating, books, theatre, crafts, thrift and upcycling.
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