115/365 Today I…am menu planning

Today I…have been menu planning.
This is a weekly activity, lately taking place on Friday or Saturday which should really be completed on Thursday before the on line grocery shopping deadline.

I am a firm fan of ordering on line and having my groceries delivered. As well as freeing up precious time I am less tempted to overspend and impulse buy which means a lot less waste of food and money. We buy meat weekly from the local butcher and sometimes fruit and veg from the market.

Before planning, I try to do a quick stock take of the freezers and storecupboard. We have a second small fridge and freezer in the shed which is great but can result in ‘forgotten’ or doubled up items.

This week my stock take shows I had ‘forgotten’ about two bags of frozen green beans, two bags of frozen hash browns and a whole load of bread that has piled up. I also have a lot of milk to use up as I hate to throw anything away. Lastly, a friend at work gave me a big bag of rhubarb from his garden.
Three challenges then… so armed with a pen and notebook it was time to hit the cookbooks!

Immediate response: rice pudding- that will use up some of the milk!
Something with a cheese sauce? Bread and  butter pudding? ( I still have panettone leftover from Christmas)  Lots of milky coffees to keep me awake while I study? Perhaps I should just have a glass of milk? 😦
Rhubarb chutney or jam?  I really don’t have time to cook for fun this weekend as I am supposed to be REVISING!  Keep it simple. Just make a compote and eat it with the rice pudding.
Scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast- YES!

The weekend weather is supposed to be fine and I’m sure there will be a BBQ, so a trip to the butcher tomorrow to see what looks good- I have salad and vegetables to accompany, a lovely ripe avocado is shouting ‘roquamole’ to me (here is Nigella’s recipe) which is a real family favourite with tortilla chips and a cold beer. English asparagus is in season so there will be some consumed this weekend, for sure.

Monday: creamy chicken and leek pasta with philadelphia- quick and easy as I have an exam in the afternoon and may be home late.  Whatever we have will be accompanied by a large glass of wine ( or two) to celebrate/ drown my anguish depending on how it goes!

Tuesday: There are some nice fishcakes in the freezer with chips or sweet potato wedges and peas

Wednesday: Stir fry turkey with ginger and garlic, carrot, leek and green beans with noodles in a chilli/ soy/sweet and sour style sauce

Thursday: salmon with new potatoes, steamed green beans and carrots
(Any carrots left will be used in a carrot cake)

Friday: Chilli with rice/nachos or spag bol – tbc

We seem to have more unused items this week- I think it is because I haven’t made any soup for a while.  It has also been much warmer lately so no slow cooker stews or roast dinners. I will have more time to plan menus when I finish studying so the next few weeks might be a transition, using up odd items and thinking about super summer salads and lighter food to come.

Any suggestions ?


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