113/365 Today I…made risotto

Today I…made risotto. It’s my ‘go to’ comfort food- simple, quick, storecupboard cooking that can be livened up by whatever you have at hand.

Basic risotto tonight- a leek softened in a little extra virgin rapeseed oil (a new discovery for me and I actually prefer this to olive oil) and butter, arborio rice tossed in the buttery leeks then hot vegetable stock added bit by bit as I stirred. About 20 minutes gentle stirring while chatting about the events of the day- not a chore.

Tonight’s extras were:

the scrappy end and rind of a piece of grana padano- thrown in whole during the stirring process to add extra flavour and fished out before serving
a handful of frozen peas, for texture and also just because I like a splash of green
some ready cooked prawns, defrosted-plump and pink and sweet
a couple of pieces of salmon, grilled from frozen and torn into chunky pieces

When the rice was ready- I stirred in a knob of butter, seasoned to taste and served. The stock cubes can be quite salty, so I don’t automatically add extra salt without tasting.  I usually add grated grana padano or parmesan to risotto but not with seafood.

Tonight’s risotto was good, but I felt it lacked something- fresh herbs, maybe a squeeze of lemon at the end or just a splash of white wine in the stock? Perhaps some chopped fennel with the leek to give a hint of aniseed with the seafood? Ah, there’s an idea for next time…



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